Prototype for Stellar Interloper (Silver Surfer)

2018; carbon fiber, aluminum foil

You Don't Need a Weatherman (Version 3)

2017; archival inkjet prints

Phantom Truck

2007 - Present; aluminum, epoxy paint

Beehive Grid

2012 - Present; stained maple


2008; anodized aluminum, plastic, rubberbands, newsprint, rooster feathers and droppings, birdseed

Bird in Space (Prototype for Re-Entry)

2014; aluminum

Gravity is a Force to be Reckoned With

2009; steel, glass, wood, mixed media

Well 34°01'03"N - 118°29'12"W

2015; stainless steel pump

Untitled (White Poppies)

2009; papaver somniferum


2003; 35mm film transfer to digital video

die Hütte / the Hut

2013; charred cedar

Cloud Prototype No. 1

2003, fiberglass, titanium alloy foil

Well 35°58'16"N - 106°05'21"W

2015; stainless steel pump

Dirty Bomb

2008; fiberglass, apoxy, aluminum, mud

You Don't Need a Weatherman (Version 2)

2013; anemometer, wind vane, red gel

Red Berg (r11io1)

2006; anodized aluminum tubes, rapid prototyped ABS plastic, nylon, gas tank, weather balloon, helium

7000 Cords (After Beuys)

2014 - Present; firewood, steel frames

Nocturne (White Poppies)

2002; live video, night vision camera, LCD projector, live audio, artificial flowers, audio from short-wave radio

Cloud Prototype No. 6

2011; fiberglass, steel, aluminum alloy foil

Sonambulo II (blue)

1999; field recording, compact disc, blue tinted polyester window film

Search (En Búsqueda)

2001; radio telescope installation at the Plaza Monumental Bullfight Ring, Tijuana, Mexico

Guerrero Negro

2008; Super 16mm film digitized to HD video


2008, Super 16mm film digitized to HD video projection

Iceberg r11io1

2005; anodized aluminum tubes, rapid prototyped ABS plastic, nylon

The El Niño Effect

1997-1998; twin flotation tanks, multi channel video and audio, shower, changing room


2008; Super 16mm film digitized to HD video

Alltagszeit (In Ordinary Time)

2001; 35mm film transferred to digital video

Always After (The Glass House)

2006; Super 16mm film transfer to HD video

Le Baiser / The Kiss

2006; single channel video, audio

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